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Beverly Firth | 01/30/15

Depending on the severity of gum disease, your dentist or periodontist may recommend surgical treatment.

Bonnie Fernandez | 01/28/15

Using computers and the artistic eye, full mouth restoration may be the solution to many problems, such as heat, sensitive teeth, sore jaw muscles, and recurrent headaches. The dentist may vary the tooth preparation in the material used to fill the tooth.

David Vinciguerra | 01/26/15

One of the fastest ways to get pearly white teeth is by using an electric toothbrush.

Anthony Politi | 01/24/15

The acid that lemon and lime juices contain can actually wear away your tooth enamel and cause more tooth discoloration, along with cavities.

Dorothy Hunter | 01/22/15

Patients seeking competent dental care will often be referred to specialists in the cosmetic dental fields that deal with issues like gums, and overall smiles.

Amy Destefano | 01/21/15

Make sure your kids go to the dentist at least once a year.

Denise Eggers | 01/20/15

Dentures are made to be taken out of your mouth for cleaning. Drinking fruit juices can be hard on your teeth, but sipping your juice through a straw can help prevent tooth decay.

Carol Scoville | 01/19/15

You are at a higher risk for gingivitis while pregnant, and many insurers will pay for more frequent visits to the dentist during this time. If you have chipped, stained or decaying teeth, talk to your cosmetic dentist about the possibility of veneers.

Carol Vorholt | 01/19/15

Mouthwash is meant to kill bacteria in your mouth, so use it frequently.

Angela Greenaker | 01/18/15

Dried out dentures will cause you pain when you put them in.

Ardith Flight | 01/17/15

Endodontists perform root canals on a daily basis, so they are very capable of helping you. Potassium hydroxide is one of the best and also the simplest home remedy out there.

Angela Beeler | 01/17/15

Porcelain veneers can prevent these problems while relieving you of headaches and muscle aches.

Gordon Angermeier | 01/15/15

Usually you will use teeth whitening strips once or twice a day on both the top and the bottom teeth.

Beverly Mckenica | 01/15/15

You should take care in cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush correctly and use the proper brushing technique.

Daryl Scott | 01/15/15

Clean frequently and softly by brushing and flossing.

Debbie Crain | 01/14/15

Cavities in children tend to be on the surface of teeth instead of deep within them. Today's dentures, formerly known as false teeth, are more natural looking and comfortable than ever before.

Alice Walton | 01/12/15

During oral sedation dentistry, you will maintain a level of consciousness so you can feel safe.

Charles Patterson | 01/11/15

Porcelain veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations.

Christy Tasker | 01/11/15

Dental veneers are made of artificial material that will not be affected by dental whitening materials.

Deanna Gault | 01/11/15

You can use invisible braces to straighten crowded or widely spaced teeth.

Doreen Cox | 01/11/15

If you've tried the cures for chronic bad breath mentioned and you still suffer from chronic halitosis, make an appointment with your dentist.

Debra Thal | 01/10/15

Bacteria build up on your teeth and produce a sticky film called plaque. You can reverse gingivitis with good oral hygiene at home.

Daniel Beckler | 01/08/15

Braces are not just for teeth straightening, they're to fix your bite as well.

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