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Britt Zillah | 03/27/15

Today people want dental crowns that are the same color as their other teeth.

Audra Smith | 03/26/15

If you have stains on your teeth that you want to hide, consider getting veneers. People who do not go to the dentist for many years have been amazed at what you can do to improve the health of your teeth and smile.

Brooke Bayless | 03/24/15

If you are concerned about yellowing or staining your teeth, you might want to cut back on things that are known to stain your teeth.

Andrew Criswell | 03/24/15

A professional and caring dental team should be dedicated to providing you with the gentle and personalized care that you deserve. The dental implant post links specifically to the upper part of the dental implants.

Beverly Czikowsky | 03/22/15

If we decide you need a crown, there are several different options for the repair of your tooth.

Cindy Wooden | 03/20/15

Inflammatory can destroy your gum tissues and cause them to separate from the tooth.

Beverly Roche | 03/19/15

Porcelain veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations.

Dennis Murphy | 03/17/15

The dentist may vary the tooth preparation in the material used to fill the tooth.

Diane Watt | 03/17/15

If you see redness or puffiness in your gums, these could be signs you have gingivitis.

Charles Pistella | 03/15/15

There is a lot you can do to help your teeth and a lot you can do to damage your teeth permanently.

Beverly Jeffreys | 03/13/15

If you have sedation dentistry, you may not even remember your visit.

C Bushway | 03/12/15

If you've tried the cures for chronic bad breath mentioned and you still suffer from chronic halitosis, make an appointment with your dentist.

Danny Stinson | 03/11/15

A technique can be used with bone grafting is called guided tissue regeneration, which involves inserting a small piece of fabric mesh between the bone and gums.

Charles Dirr | 03/10/15

Our patients receive a great understanding of the overall health and feel comfortable with the process.

Charlotte Wood | 03/10/15

Dental implants are the most important advances in dentistry over the past 20 years.

Beverly White | 03/09/15

Modern dentistry tools make it possible to get just about any treatment without being in pain. People who brush excessively or too much pressure tear the gums and the roots directly exposed to acids.

Christa Jahnke | 03/09/15

Invisible braces are best for people who do not want to appear wearing metals on their teeth. Cavities are not the result of any type of flouride deficiency in children.

Frances Whitney | 03/08/15

Veneers are custom made for each individual. The first step is to isolate and protect your teeth, gums and lips.

Dallas Ernst | 03/07/15

Most dentists are using lasers for tooth decay, gum disease and removal of skin lesions. You should consult with your dentist before undergoing any teeth whitening procedure.

Dante Tambellini | 03/06/15

Porcelain veneers can improve crooked and crowded teeth better than what braces can do in a much longer timeframe.

Beverly Galloway | 03/06/15

Dental implants can improve the appearance and confidence of all ages.

Carol Yong | 03/04/15

All natural herbs contain materials that help fight bacteria and germs that can cause your teeth to discolor. Inserting and removal of the prosthesis requires a little practice.

Debi Byrnes | 03/02/15

The whitening will not whiten artificial surfaces like crowns or implants. Dental caries, commonly called cavities appears to be more common in girls than boys.

Amy Tourison | 02/28/15

This usually requires one or more courses of training, which usually lasts from one to several days.

Deloris Dunn | 02/26/15

It may take several treatments to get severely stained teeth as white as they once were.

Beverly Hatch | 02/26/15

The result is a bacterial infection and the devastating decline in contact with the nerve.

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