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Bridget Ginty | 09/19/14

If you've thought about getting braces but didn't want to walk around with all that silver in your mouth, you'll be happy to know you don't need to. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and if you're not happy with your smile, let us fix it.

Charles Collins | 09/18/14

If you eat a lot of sugar you may have more cavities than a person who doesn't eat a lot of sugar.

Debra Samu | 09/17/14

Talk to your dentist if you have consistent toothaches or canker sores.

Bonnie Swygert | 09/15/14

If you have yellowed teeth from drinking too much coffee, have them whitened at your dentist. Supervised bleaching procedures performed in the office and home have become one of the most popular treatments.

Amanda Flittie | 09/15/14

If you would rather sleep through a dental appointment, tell that to your dentist.

Ani Satz | 09/14/14

Gingivitis is a milder form of gum disease which can usually be reversed. An artificial crown can be made with an accuracy to the position of the implant.

Alice Walton | 09/13/14

Make sure your kids go to the dentist at least once a year.

Georgette Brown | 09/12/14

Modern technology has made root canal therapy easier to handle than it was years ago. Circulating bacteria of dental disease can also affect the heart.

Carol Tirado | 09/11/14

Make sure you follow all recommendations, including planning your personal home care after dental surgery.

Amy Newby | 09/09/14

The result is a bacterial infection and the devastating decline in contact with the nerve.

Donald Robinson | 09/07/14

Before you get pregnant, get a thorough dental check-up and get any work done that needs doing. Potassium hydroxide has been found to naturally whiten the teeth and remove stains.

Dana Stavinoha | 09/05/14

Another potential problem is the dentist touches a nerve in the jaw. While this new tooth is created, we will provide a temporary restoration to hold you over until your new one is ready.

Debbie Yeager | 09/05/14

If you have chipped, stained or decaying teeth, talk to your cosmetic dentist about the possibility of veneers.

Carol Wiewiorowski | 09/05/14

The whitening will not whiten artificial surfaces like crowns or implants.

Ann Acuff | 09/04/14

Your custom made veneers are bonded permanently to your teeth.

Cyndy Witzke | 09/03/14

Most dentists will tell you that a root canal is practically painless these days.

Anne Myrick | 09/03/14

Flossing every day can keep your gums in good shape.

Donna Wirthlin | 09/02/14

If tinnitus is caused by a physical problem, look into getting it fixed.

Chasity Butler | 09/02/14

There are implants that do not require a second procedure, but require a minimum of six weeks of healing before the artificial teeth are implanted.

Carol Vine | 09/02/14

Drinking fruit juices can be hard on your teeth, but sipping your juice through a straw can help prevent tooth decay.

Beverly Galloway | 09/02/14

If you are concerned about yellowing or staining your teeth, you might want to cut back on things that are known to stain your teeth.

Anna Tweed | 09/02/14

The main goal of any root canal is to save your tooth instead of pulling it.

Dallas Ernst | 09/01/14

By flossing your teeth, you are getting rid of food particles, bacterias and germs that can cause your teeth to discolor. A loss of jawbone density can lead to tooth loss when natural levels of estrogen decline in women during menopause.

Don Shumaker | 08/30/14

It's best to steer clear of any do it yourself denture repair kits and call your dentist if you have a problem. The dental implant post links specifically to the upper part of the dental implants.

Elsie Zuber | 08/30/14

Some types of cancer can be diagnosed by looking at your teeth and gums.

Chuck Sexton | 08/28/14

If you are experiencing dry mouth or burning in your gums, let your dentist know you are experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Angela Basham | 08/28/14

Your dentist will be able to pinpoint the cause of the chronic halitosis just by the odor it gives off.

Ben Kraushaar | 08/27/14

Many times, people pay ridiculous amounts of money for a product that promises to whiten their teeth. Several considerations are important to the success of cosmetic dentistry, because patients and dentists focus on the various aspects of the smile.

Danel Vandermeer | 08/26/14

Cross bite of maxillary expansion should be carefully corrected.

Carol Weisensel | 08/24/14

It is very important for them to talk to your dentist about extraction, risks, possible complications and results of the removal of these teeth.

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